Ailing, Alone and 89 : So How Could Hilda Reynolds Be Joyous? — Washington Post

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Village Mentors: Pamela Adoyo and her women mentors bring hope and health to a Kenya village

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Haitian-American Media Become the Eyes and Ears of Haiti

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“In the days after the earthquake, pictures went up on the walls at Radio Soleil, of missing relatives brought in by Haitians in Brooklyn. Dupuy and his volunteers manned the phones, calling a radio station in Port-au-Prince, Signal FM, to coordinate a search. “We’d say, ‘At this particular house, on this part of the street, there are x numbers of people.’ We asked them to see what they could find,” Dupuy explains.

Back at WPFW radio in Washington D.C., Yves Dayiti cues up an audio clip. A man at the airport shouts over the lack of tents. The first drops of rain have fallen in Port-au-Prince. The rainy season is coming.”



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